Reimagining the way people access and deliver healthcare

NURSEPLEXUS™ delivers better collaboration and coordination and with the goal of delivering the highest quality of patient care for all its patients.

Helping to facilitate smooth and seamless care, from “soup to nuts”

Effective coordination and delivery of patient care is more than just booking for a nurse. There are a number of factors required to ensure a seamless experience – from nurse selection and the nuances associated with schedules, preferences, availability and such; to starting care, documentation, and more. Our platform is designed to address these nuances and matches it with each patient’s unique needs and preferences, to dynamically coordinate an optimize experience for all the stakeholders

Reducing barriers to nurse infusion care

Enabling all value adding stakeholders through a single platform

Improved Nursing Care Experience

Close patient care gaps by ensuring a team of nurses are available to reduce no-shows and improve operations.

Seamless Administration

Coordinators, case managers and administrators can monitor and

Highest Level of Security and HIPAA Supported

We implement the highest level of security that we build into the platform –
from role based authentication, encryption, and field level access.

Interconnected Network of Providers

Be rest assured that everyone that’s part of our network are qualified, vetted and trained. In
addition, agencies we work with are compliant and licensed in the States where they operate in.