Our Mission

to increase access to high-quality infusion therapy, while striving for the best patient outcomes

Our Vision

A platform to connect nurses to patients through agencies that work together:

We don't just talk the talk. we walk the walk

Our journey is fueled by curiosity because we understand that breakthroughs come from questioning the norm and seeking a better path. We constantly explore the possibilities, asking "what if?" and following where it takes us.

Fear of risk has no place here; we thrive on it. In our relentless pursuit, mistakes may happen, but we see them as valuable lessons, stepping stones toward success.

Ours is a culture of genuine care. We care deeply about our work, our team, and extend that care to our nursing professionals and partner healthcare organizations, aligning with their dedication to patient well-being.

We firmly believe in collective triumph, operating as one cohesive team with a humble determination to achieve the extraordinary. Egos have no place here; it's about collaboration, not a "not my job" mindset.

Join Us

Every single day, we actively shape NURSEPLEXUS™ into a warm, inclusive, and collaborative space where every voice not only matters but thrives. At Intel NURSEPLEXUS™, we go the extra mile, providing empowering benefits and resources to ensure everyone feels not just confident and motivated, but truly equipped to champion our values and make a meaningful impact. Your voice is essential, and we're here to amplify it, empowering you to make a remarkable difference.

NURSEPLEXUS™ is owned and operated by agileRN LLC.